Why are Referrals Important for a Service-Based Business?

Why are Referrals Important for a Service-Based Business?

You may be the best thing since sliced bread — but you are NOT a loaf of bread!

There is NO ONE else like you out there, therefore, it’s crucial that everyone you meet know exactly what you do for whom. Referrals are getting a warm introduction to a potential client which is THE best way to ‘warm call’. Social proof comes from having an acquaintance or friend in common. We tend to like the same people that our friends do. And if you’ve helped a colleague in a similar business, chances are you can help me. 

So how do you get more referrals?

Well, when you’re negotiating and they want a discount, you can ask for three written referrals to similar businesses as a compromise as that can mean a lot more in potential new business than the money you give up. 

Make it part of your contract:

Include giving 1-2-3 referrals as part of your contract, so there are no surprises when you remind them of that after they are really happy with your work. 

Make it easy for them! 

Make up a short referral template that they can customize and easily send out. Want a copy of mine? Just contact me.

If you know someone who is struggling with their business – please forward this email to them and ask them to connect with me. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to grow their business!

Here are some of the results clients have had in working with me: 

  • Made $20,000 MORE on a single contract

  • Closed 3 stalled deals in the first week of working together

  • Doubled sales to healthy six figures

Want results like these?https://smallbizsalescoach.ca/clients/entrepreneurial-client-successes/ Setup a free session with me to brainstorm ideas.

Here’s a testimonial from Daniela:  “After just one meeting with Patti, I knew she would help me to grow my business to the level I was hoping for. Her ideas are amazing and she has many! She has such passion for what she does. I absolutely love working with her!”

When you need help to get more referrals – you know who to call. 

I make sales FUN for everyone! GUARANTEED!

Patti Pokorchak, MBA
Business Development Strategist

Working with service-based businesses who want to make a difference AND make money, without being pushy!  416-951-3842

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