Kevin O’Leary is Wrong! It is NOT All About The Money!

Kevin O’Leary is Wrong! It is NOT All About The Money!

I once went to see Kevin O’Leary at a Fireside Chat at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management, just to experience him in a more intimate situation. He was as abrasive and blunt as he was on Dragon’s Den. He still said “it was all about the money” and it made me sad. Read what he says about business being war. I hate war and violence and we do not need more of that in our world.

Why You Should Embrace  Cold Calling!

Why You Should Embrace Cold Calling!

  Recently I had lunch with the lovely and fun Aline Ayoub, Head HR Guru of Aline Ayoub HR Consulting at the fabulous waterside  ‘makes you feel like you’re on holidays’ Palais Royale’s Charity lunch (a well kept Toronto secret) . She started...

Sales is Just a Conversation

STOP saying you need to sell something to someone. You can’t do that. They either want/need your product or service or they don’t. You cannot force anyone to buy from you, unless you’re like the Godfather– “I”ll make you an offer...
#1 Sales Issue  for Entrepreneurs

#1 Sales Issue for Entrepreneurs

One of the biggest problems with small businesses and entrepreneurs selling more lies in their attitude and beliefs. Which of these notions can you relate to? Sales is dirty It’s manipulative Sales has a bad reputation It’s like a used car sales person...