Get Two Brains for the Price of One!

Jennifer Hazen aka The amazing List Whisperer and I (the amazing business coach) have teamed up to offer select clients this amazing offer!

This service would normally cost you $950 but because it’s the summer, we’ve slashed the prices to get you going for the fall to only $475 (plus HST). That’s a HUGE 50% OFF DISCOUNT! Only valid for orders before summer ends on Sept. 21, 2018. 

You will get 10 HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND TARGETED names and contact details (phone #, email, notes etc) of your ideal clients AND my intense and efficient coaching to tightly identify your ideal client and then more coaching so you know what to say and ask them when you talk to them.

One without the other is useless. That’s why we have teamed up to offer you this sizzling summer special. And to introduce you to the power of coaching and focusing on your ideal client and what to say to them. 

It’s about quality of leads, not quantity. Could you really followup with 100 leads at once?  No, you can’t, it’s overwhelming and you’re back to where you are today – at a standstill. Plus without training, your opening will fall flat and you’ll complain that cold or warm calling just doesn’t work. 

However, once you learn HOW to contact your ideal potential clients PROPERLY, and we’ve rehearsed your opening phrases and questions until they flow naturally from your mouth, heart and head – those are life long skills you will continue to use as long as you are in business. 

If you’re interested in this summer special, please email me and tell us about your ideal client. We want to make sure we’re a fit to get your business BOOMING and off to a great start for the fall!

Lead Gen Jennifer has totally impressed me with the quality of leads that she has given me. She makes it quick and easy for you to do more research before you call. You get a spreadsheet with all the important details and contact information that you need – all in one easy to use format. There’s space for you to put in comments and dates contacted. You can import the names into your CRM system to keep track.

When you know how you add value to that potential ideal client and WHY they need YOU with my coaching and our rehearsal, it flows from your heart and is a genuine reason to connect. Being in business is being of service to others. You are here to help others achieve their goals by using you and your experience and knowledge. 

You are doing them a favour by contacting them, being the pro-active one and seeing if they are open to talking about how you can help each other. You are helping each other reach your goals in life. 

If you’re interested in this summer special, please email me and we’ll talk to make sure we’re a fit to get your business BOOMING and off to a great start for the fall! Don’t wait as we can’t work with everyone either so this is a limited time slot. Talk soon!

PS. Remember this 50% OFF discount offer is only good until Sept. 21, 2018. And we have limited slots available at this price.