STOP Talking and Start Doing This Instead

STOP Talking and Start Doing This Instead

To be a great sales professional, you need to be more of an interrogator (in a nice way) than a talker.

When someone asks you, “so what can you do for me?” How do you answer?

Do you actually answer them with a laundry list of everything that you can do, hoping one of those shotgun pellets will bite them in the butt and hit a nerve? OR Do you first ask them some questions to see if they have a pain that you can help them with?

Guess what gets the best results? Yes, asking questions FIRST will help you laser focus on what their pain is and what’s important to them and where your value is. Your value is determined by how much that pain costs them and what they are willing to pay to get rid of it.

Stop boring people with unnecessary information. Take the time to get to know them, get to know what bugs them by guiding them gently through intelligent questions to see if you have grounds to work together.

Sometimes it might turn out that what you do, they don’t need! But isn’t that great? Then you won’t waste anymore time trying to qualify them as a potential client.

But maybe they’ll know someone who has the kind of problem that you solve. It never hurts to ask, especially if you’ve established your credentials and can feel like an expert in your area.

Questions take you a lot further in the sales process than blindly telling all that you know.  Have a laser-like focused target and don’t use a wild shotgun approach. Be like the elephant with the two big ears to actively listen well and the small mouth to remind you to talk less.

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