Speak to My Robot!

Speak to My Robot!

In the world of social selling/social media marketing – automating your posts is like asking your potential clients to speak to a robot instead of to a real live person aka YOU!

I was in a group of my peers this week (professional speakers) and they were astonished that I actually get business from social media. My secret – I engage with others. That means I comment on and share other people’s posts. 

WOW, what a secret, no MBA degree needed for that. Just maybe knowing how to sell would help a lot in understanding how social media works. I don’t blast out pre-recorded posts on a regular basis and wait for others to comment, share and engage.

I actively search out groups and posts where I can share my knowledge and get recognized as an expert that way. It’s by sharing others’ expertise that you get acknowledged for being part of their insider group.

[bctt tweet=”It’s by adding valuable content to an existing post that you will get noticed. Social means SOCIAL not robotically automated content. That sucks!     #entrepreneur #socialmediamarketing” username=”SmallBizSalesCo”]

So forget the ‘I agree’ or ‘So true’ – ALWAYS add in some unique value in the form of a comment to show that you’ve actually thought about the issues at hand.

Stop the automated posts. Yes, you’ll show up in people’s feeds and look like you’re active on social media. But they’ll skip over it as it’s part of the noise, not of any value. And in business, it’s all about the value you bring to your customers.

And when was the last time you enjoyed talking to a robot – ie. that voice when you dial Big Company 1-800 and their options have changed so listen closely…….. see what I mean.

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