My Sales Secrets Part I (from a most unlikely candidate)

My Sales Secrets Part I (from a most unlikely candidate)

Patti IBM

Patti at IBM Basic Systems Training

When I learned to sell at IBM I was a shy introverted nerd – for proof – just look right.

I had trained as a programmer after rejecting becoming an accountant – all really introverted professions, not known for their outgoing personalities.

Who knew that once I discovered that introverts make the best sales people that I would eventually  LOVE selling!?!

I credit Seventeen magazine’s “How to talk to boys when you’re shy” article with my success. Their secret – ask questions. Whew- that meant I didn’t need to be speaking but could concentrate on their answers which led to the next question. Being an active listener would reward me with million dollar sales – repeatedly.

Who knew that asking questions, listening then say only the least bit of salesy presentation that I had to would lead to sales success?

As I continue to deconstruct what made me successful in sales, the first priority was always to make the prospect feel comfortable by getting them to talk about themselves personally, which anyone can do and be relaxed about. As I got to know the prospect better, then it was easier to establish a business relationship as we were soon chatting like old friends.

My caring and curious personality is a huge part of my success. And no –this is not a fake it until you make it sleazy sales scam – you truly have to care!

At IBM, they taught us that the best sale is the one you walk away from. There can be many reasons you walk away – like a personality clash or you don’t like their way of doing business or you think they might not pay you on time. Trust your gut instinct and say no as that leaves room for your ideal or dream client instead.

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