Can You State Your Value Clearly?

Can You State Your Value Clearly?

Are you a talented entrepreneur who offers a valuable service BUT cannot articulate that in a way that makes it easy for people to buy from you? Then read on.

Are  you selling the invisible, a service that cannot be easily demonstrated like you could with a physical product? Then you really need to know how to sell it. Selling a service is the hardest thing to sell because you cannot show or touch it.

To demonstrate what you have offer someone, you have to explain it in words that make them go ‘WOW’ and say “I want that!” [bctt tweet=”If you have not been trained, then sales is hard. Once you’ve been trained, selling is easy!” username=”SmallBizSalesCo”]

You have to use emotional words to appeal to their imagination and connect to their heart not their head. People buy based on their emotions, not logic. It’s been said that people buy based on emotions and then justify logically. But even those left brainers will succumb to impulse buys. You can always justify whatever you want.

[bctt tweet=”People will always find the money IF they see the value and ROI.” username=”SmallBizSalesCo”]How do you define your value when your work is subjective?

By using a scale of 1-10 to benchmark their before and after, you can start collecting real data. For example, when I give one of my workshops Sales Skills JUST For Entrepreneurs, at the beginning of my talk, I ask the attendees on a scale of 1 = Sales FEAR and 10= Love to sell – what number would they give themselves. They write that number down and I check back at the end of the talk to see how they have shifted.

It’s common for attendees to go from a 1 to 5 or from a 3 to 7. Fairly significant leaps in their confidence in selling in just 1-2 hours. I get so excited hearing how people no longer fear or dread selling as I’ve made it more transparent and easy to go. It just a conversation, nothing more.

If you’re a life coach, personal trainer, image consultant or other more spiritual service providers, you can ask your clients how they rate themselves on whatever scale makes sense to them and you. Like on a scale of 1-10 before and then three months after they’ve worked with you:

  • How do they feel about their body image
  • What is their confidence level?
  • How happy do they feel?
  • How satisfied with life are they?

People value outcomes – results. That’s what they are buying. I call it My Brag Sheet! I am so proud of what my clients achieve and why not boast about it? Yes, they got there with my help but they did the hard work. I just made it faster and easier than them learning on their own.

Seeing them go from Sales FEAR to Sales FUN is so rewarding and it’s why I do what I do.

Now in my third year as the Small Biz Sales Coach, my first exercise with every new client is getting them to understand and be able to clearly and confidently state what their value is.

Do you know what your value is?What is your value?

Can you say it so easily that it is not contrived and it comes from your heart? Does it just flow off your tongue?

Would you like to have your sales conversations be so natural and easy-going that clients are asking you to work with them?

Then my unique special is just what you need.

My special offer to you is something I’ve never offered before. An intense two-hour coaching session where we dive deep to find out what is your true value.

What are people really buying from you?

Do you know what it is and define it with numbers like % or $$?

Can you say what your value is with clarity and confidence?

Are you closing most of your free strategy, coaching and sales calls?

If not, then you would benefit from this in-depth and intense coaching session. It would will get your fall and final quarter for 2016 off to a dynamic start.

I would typically charge $1,000+ and up to $3,500 for a full day for this kind of deep dive into your business. But I want to celebrate my third year by giving back to my clients and those who haven’t experienced my deep and effective coaching yet.

BUT it’s limited to only the first 5 people who respond.

Make this last half of 2016 BIG, BOLD AND profitable!

I help you get over any lingering mindset issues like money is scarce and selling is evil. If you’re not making money, then you will not be around to support your clients and that is not evil but a desire to serve them for the long-term. 

By the end of our session, you will be able to state your value it in a way that is compelling and makes your potential clients ask you “So how do we work together?”

You will have started your brag sheet and be proud of what YOUR clients have achieved with your help. And you’ll be on your way to make your value even more powerful from now on.

How does that sound? Like a deal?

But you’ll have to move fast, because ONLY the first 5 get in.

If you want results like some of my previous and current clients are achieving – don’t hesitate, contact me now to set up the time for your deep dive into your unique compelling value. 

This will be THE best investment you make in your business.

Here’s what others had to say:

“Within a 30 minute call, Patti provided me with at least 5 tips on how I could refocus my businessimprove my USP, and enhance my website”. -Temi Adew, GoodBooks

If you are not satisfied in any way after our session, your money will be cheerfully refunded. I’ve been in sales for so long and been paid for performance, that if I do not perform then I don’t feel like I should be paid.

If you’re not happy, we’ll see what it takes to make you happy OR your money back. FYI: I’ve never had to give money back in my 25 years of coaching small businesses.

Another testimonial: In less than 2 hours, Patti was able to capture the essence of who I was and what I would be doing in my business.”  –Michelle Fairfield (Romanica), Customer Management Experience

Not sure if this intense deep dive is for you? Just want to get to know me first. I’m so easy to talk to and make doing business fun while also being educational.

Contact me at 416-951-3842  or to see if we’re a fit and if I can help you. There is no obligation, no high pressure, just a genuine desire to help you grow your business. 

Another option:

  • Want to just pick my brain for an hour? I’m a serial entrepreneur who started 10 businesses in the past 25 years — I’ve been there and got the arrows in my back being a pioneer
  • Got a sales crisis or big presentation coming up? I’ll even go on the sales call with you to give you the best feedback possible (extra charge)
  • Have some marketing questions? I have wacky ideas that work! I don’t even see a box.
  • Stuck and need new inspiration? Ms. Contagious Enthusaism aka me will get you motivated and ready to charge out the door.
  • Never worked with a coach before and not sure if it’s for you? I don’t bite and I get to the heart of the matter, your essence and what makes you light up.

Then this button is for YOU!

If you’ve been scared off by high-pressure sales tactics by others, please know that I’m the most laid back, curious and caring coach/consultant out there. That’s my secret sauce, being nice, being a great listener and caring about others first.

With my vast experience in running my own B2B and B2C companies as well as having consulted with a huge number of businesses around the world, I am positive that you’ll get thousands of dollars worth of value in only one hour. 

Whatever option you pick, I’ll send you a prep form so that our time together is spent as productively as possible.

I must confess: I am not a ‘pure coach’. I’m a hybrid of coach and consultant. My clients only want results and don’t care how they get them as long as it’s done with their values and with integrity. The pure coaching model forces you to come up with your own answers.

Why not benefit from my decades of experience? I help you with suggestions on what to do, again based on your abilities, not mine.  You get the value of someone who’s been there and done it – with little marketing budgets but lots of ideas. It’s fast results that you will be proud of.

I’m a holistic business consultant, in that I look at everything you do that affects your business from your website, social media profiles to how you sell and market yourself. I make sure that it’s all consistent and updated.

Who am I and why should you click on one of those buttons?

Patti Pokorchak, MBA is an award-winning marketing and sales executive, with 30+years of experience at IBM and many start-up companies in North America and Europe.

As a serial entrepreneur of 10 businesses since 1992, I have helped start and run a 7-figure 20-employee software company for 10 years before opening a thriving garden centre and hobby farm just outside of Ottawa, Canada, not knowing anything about farming. If I can sell, anyone can, as I was the shyest geek around.

You can reach me at  or 416-951-3842 to see if we’re a fit to work together and if I can help you. 

PS. Only the first 5 fast acting entrepreneurs get this great deal for the two-hour deep dive into your business. So don’t delay  – click Buy NOW.


If you only want to try me out for an hour – then click here:  

I look forward to helping you make 2016 your best year ever!


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