What is S.A.L.E.S?

What is S.A.L.E.S?

You might cringe when you hear that “S” word but it’s nothing to be afraid of!

If you have no sales, then you have no business. That’s why it’s crucial for every entrepreneur to master the art of selling their product or service. You are constantly selling when you’re in business even when you think you’re only in HR or accounting – you are persuading others to your point of view and that is ultimately the definition of selling. 

For too long, the sales profession has been undervalued by business schools and CEOs. That is changing. There are over 100 universities in the world granting degrees in sales now – even in Canada!

I started out as the shyest geek in the world. I never expected to teach people how to sell in a non-salesy way. But that was what made me successful for the past few decades. I never really sold, I helped people buy from me using my communications skills and relationship building. 

My secret sauce – I’m insanely curious about people AND I care! I care first that I help you achieve your goals as I know that if I do what I love and help you, you will help me achieve my goals. AND I have a sustainable thriving business. 

I don’t work with entrepreneurs who want to get rich quick and make it a “I win, you lose” situation as that’s just not my style. The art of running a business with integrity is in my DNA. It’s the only way I work. 

So if you’ve started your first business, and you do not have a lot of sales and marketing experience or training – call me, I can help with the overwhelm and with tons of practical experience and hands-on knowledge. 

When you want to learn how to make your business an adventure and a true entrepreneurial success – call me at 416-951-3842. Patti

PS. I even guarantee you that you will have more fun too in your business.  Where else can you have fun AND make money from a proven entrepreneurial success?

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