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From Sales FEAR to Sales FUN!


  • Do you go into panic mode just thinking about selling your services?

  • Does the thought of picking up the phone and calling a stranger make you break out in a cold sweat?

  • Are you frustrated by low sales and revenue for your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Entrepreneurs Sales School is for you!

My name is Patti Pokorchak, and I’m the founder of Entrepreneurs Sales School. I created the school out of frustration at seeing so many of my coaching clients lose business opportunities and hold back their success out of a deep fear of selling.

Most entrepreneurs do realize that nothing in business happens until a sale is made — they just don’t want to be the one making the sale! But that’s unrealistic. The brutal truth is that in today’s competitive business world if you don’t know how to sell your own product or service, you shouldn’t be in business.

I’m guessing you are probably very enthusiastic and excited about your service. If we were having a coffee together in a coffee shop, you’d probably be happy to talk my ear off telling me about it.

But when it comes to telling a prospect about it — you’re lost for words, your mouth dries up and you want to run in the opposite direction. True?

Why is that? I believe it’s because entrepreneurs have the wrong idea about sales. They’ve been brainwashed into thinking it’s pushy, it’s nasty and it’s hard. No wonder they don’t want to do it!

But my approach to sales is very different. Most adults will do anything more willingly if it’s fun — and I believe sales should be fun! In my coaching work with entrepreneurs, I help them learn to sell in such a way that it doesn’t feel pushy or awkward, but instead it turns out to be fun both for them and the people who buy from them.

And I have a brag sheet of results from happy clients who’ve had, even more, fun — because they’ve multiplied their sales success!

For me, it was so much fun watching my clients succeed in sales that I wanted to help even more people than I could coach individually, and that’s why I opened my Entrepreneurs Sales School.

Here are some of the key principles of learning at this unique course:

  • Selling is NOT speaking — it’s listening
  • Optimistic introverts sell more — despite what you thought
  • Being curious and caring has helped me sell millions
  • Selling is not about manipulation or being pushy or ‘salesy’
  • By selling your service to the right people, you are helping others
  • You can sell from the heart and with integrity
  • You can attain sustainable long-term business growth through your selling skills

And last — but certainly not least — you’ll learn to sell more of your services faster, easier and at higher prices! 

You will be clear and confident in your value so you will find it easy to talk about what you do and the results and outcomes your clients get through working with you. And there will not be a hint of pushiness or manipulation to it but you’ll be talking straight from your heart.

You’ll find out how to close more business by asking simple ‘Well, do you want to work with me?’ kinds of questions. It’s helping people buy from you without you ever being salesy at all!

You will do a lot of role-playing of how you’d deal with a real prospect, so you can get real-time feedback on how you come across, are you confusing people or enlightening and delighting them!


Who is Patti Pokorchak and why should I listen to her?

Your intrepid Team Leader, Patti Pokorchak, was NOT a born salesperson but a trained geek. She was shy, introverted and nervous. Making six figures by the time she was 25, she decided that there had to be more to life than climbing the corporate ladder.

Wanting to live a life with no regrets, she left for a year of travel in Europe and returned nine years later. Finally, after a 30-year detour, she returned to her hometown of Toronto, Canada.

Patti is an award-winning marketing and sales executive, with 30+ years of experience at IBM and many start-up companies. Self-employed since 1992, she helped start and run a 7-figure 20 employee software company for 10 years before opening a thriving garden center and hobby farm. She has started 11 companies in 25 years and helped grow hundreds of other client businesses.


One of the reasons I became so good at sales early in my career was the opportunity to spend time with seasoned sales professionals as part of my training. I went on sales calls with them and I learned what worked. I modeled the best of what I learned, and I became as good as those I’d learned from.

We’ll hold weekly call. In these calls, which will last 60-90 minutes each, you’ll be able to:

  • learn more about the game of business and selling
  • ask questions — and get answers
  • role play
  • learn from each other’s experiences, as well as mine
  • get support and encouragement
  • share your success stories

As a result, you’ll sell LOTS more of your services faster and easier, while having fun with your new sales colleagues at the same time.

 Patti facilitating PFW INC group

Is it worth it?

Well, let’s consider some very conservative numbers.

Let’s say your current revenue is $36,000 per year, or $3,000 a month. This program will increase your annual revenue by 20-50%.

That means anywhere from $7,000 to $17,000 in EXTRA revenue — just this year alone!

A fairly conservative estimate would be $10,000, and even if you just achieve that you’d be ahead of the game. And your investment in te Entrepreneur Sales Team in less than 10% of that. You get to keep the other 90% of your revenue increase!

And you’ll be able to repeat the process every year after that, so this is an investment with an unlimited return! The skills you learn will last you for a lifetime, no matter what you do and where you go, sales skills always come in handy.

Contact me Patti at 416-951-3842 or to discuss if this sales course is right for you.

Remember: nothing happens in business without a sale being made.