Why You Should Embrace Cold Calling!

Why You Should Embrace Cold Calling!


Recently I had lunch with the lovely and fun Aline Ayoub, Head HR Guru of Aline Ayoub HR Consulting at the fabulous waterside  ‘makes you feel like you’re on holidays’ Palais Royale’s Charity lunch (a well kept Toronto secret) .

Aline Ayoub

Aline Ayoub

She started her business three years ago after decades of corporate work at blue-chip organizations like Sears, Loblaw and Hudson’s Bay Company.

Aline fits the profile of my ideal client in that, as an entrepreneur, she needs to ‘sell’ herself, her company and her services in order to survive and thrive. Yet she’s had little if any sales training. But she’s a smart cookie and has found her sweet spot!

Her whole attitude towards cold calling changed when she was told that the secret is to really see your value to others and tell yourself that it’s in THEIR best interest that you call them to let them know how you can help them. So you’re doing them a favour by calling. Really puts this into a new perspective, doesn’t it?

This ‘secret’ highlights my conviction that the real secret to sales success is in knowing and being able to articulate your value to others. 

I love my silent sellers as I call them – the outcomes achieved by others, also known as recommendations on LinkedIn or client testimonials. If you don’t like to sell, have a sheet with client outcomes handy to pull out and show prospects and wait for them to say “Can you do this for me?”. See sales can be that easy.

What is your sales secret? Please share in the comments. Thanks!

PS. If you have some great sales secrets as a non-sales professional, I’d love to interview you, so please contact me at 416-951-3842, Skype at pattipoker or by email Patti.





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