Ditch the Pitch Webinar

Ditch the Pitch Webinar

How to sell like yourself and not like a scripted Robot!


We will start with my Business Snapshot© ** one page to plan your business for 2019 to end up with a pitch that wins! It’s all about starting a dialogue and not a silencing monologue.


First, you need to really know your ideal target client WHO you want to work with (not necessarily who you are working with not having fun with right now). Identify them in as much detail as you can and ID their pain and problems that you can solve for them.


Eventually, as you follow the SnapShot© you’ll be guided to creating an introduction that sounds just like you but not scripted but real, from the heart and gets you connected immediately – if that person is a potential customer for you that is, as you can’t sell to everyone.


To watch a replay of the webinar – please go to:  https://zoom.us/webinar/register/d77a05f555117ff87510d14dfea9e911


**PS. To get your copy of my amazingly simple one-page Business Snapshot© that guides you gently towards an introduction that doesn’t suck and actually starts the dialogue and relationship, click here: Business Snapshot

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