Sales is Just a Conversation

Sales is Just a Conversation

STOP saying you need to sell something to someone. You can’t do that. They either want/need your product or service or they don’t. You cannot force anyone to buy from you, unless you’re like the Godfather– “I”ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!”.

People buy from people that they like and trust. So how do you get there? By having a conversation with them that leads both of you on a journey to see if there’s any value in doing business together. It’s really that simple.

As Jesse S. Moeinifar – Founder & CEO, Viafoura said last week at the Schulich MBA Entrepreneurship event when I asked him how he learned to sell: ” Pretend you’re talking to your best friend about a problem”.

Wow, does that take the fear out of talking to prospect? Who do you need to have a simple conversation with to see if you can work together?

Make a list of questions to ask your next prospect, that drill down to what value you bring to a business. Start the conversation and don’t stop until you know that person much better, have a handle on their problems and can see your way to a joint solution.




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