If you want to grow your business profitably, these one-on-one intensive coaching packages are an incredible life-long investment for yourself and your business. The payback is incredibly quick. 

Many entrepreneurs practice their pitch on prospects which is a crime! Pro athletes practice a lot before the big game day and so should you. 

When you can get excellent coaching and real-time feedback with a skilled million dollar sales professional like me! It gets easier the more of these conversations that you have.

 Being open and curious and asking relevant questions to establish a need for what you provide is the sign of a true sales professional.

You want to be a professional at what you do, don’t you? To get clients, you have to know how to sell and close the deal. That’s what my highly individualized sales coaching and business development advice will give you. Being at ease when speaking with prospects and closing more deals quickly and profitably.

The outcomes of 1:1 personalized coaching include:

  • A clear statement of your unique value that people will be attracted to
  • Your captivating elevator pitch and introduction that will entice customers
  • A clear understanding of which market benefits the most from what you have to offer
  • Determining what you need to know about the buying process
  • A more confident and focused you
  • How you can charge more for your services
  • Being held accountable to up your business development activity.

One-on-One Business Development Starter Coaching Package

Consists of bi-weekly 60-minute coaching calls when the budget doesn’t stretch to weekly calls. It will take a lot longer to get results but you will get there. 

Maybe you’ve had some sales success but know you can do better. You will start out where you’ve been successful, figure out where you can use some help and focus on that. You and I will set daily/weekly/monthly goals as applicable and make your way towards them.

During each session, you will review what’s been going well and what needs refreshing and extra focus or practice. You’ll rehearse and come up with compelling messages; whether they’re voice, email or in-person.

One-on-One Intensive Kickstart!

Consists of weekly 60-minute coaching calls. This is really the recommended choice for most entrepreneurs, at least to start with. It’s amazing what happens in a week in your business.

Each week we review the highs and lows, celebrate the successes and learn from the failures. it’s all part of the entrepreneurial journey. No highs without the corresponding lows. However, one of the bigger perks of working with an experienced entrepreneur like me – at times I’m more of a consultant and will steer you away from potential pitfalls. 

This program is designed for those who want to ramp up their business fast. Maybe you’ve got a stack of leads but are not making as many sales as you know you could be. Maybe you’ve never had formal sales training and have just been winging it. That will only get you so far, then it really helps to have a sales process and system.

As Woody Allen famously said, “Eighty percent of success is just showing up!” Success at sales could just be about following up. But to do so effectively and efficiently, you need to have a system and process. I will help you with that, putting in some needed metrics like the Sales Game and the Sales Ladder, that will be used to get you motivated and clear on what the real goals are.

BONUS for Intensive Coaching Clients: The Sales Crisis Call (worth $450)

This is to be used before you make that big pitch. We’ll strategize and role play to make sure you get the sale.

Optional: Strategy or planning sessions to make sure that you’re on the right path for success. Before you start selling, I will help to ensure that you’re aiming the right product or service at your most profitable target market.

*Typically I ask for a three-month commitment BUT know that 6-12 months is what it really takes to show sustainable results, as learning about selling never ends. Terms are negotiable. I will never force you to continue working with me if you do not see the value in us working together. My usual way of doing business is to ask for one month’s payment in advance and we renew at the end of each month, assuming you’re getting value, learning and growing your business. 

I know that if you work with persistence and patience, the right coaching and motivation, you too can have a sustainable thriving happy business!

Want to find out more and if we’re a fit to work together?

Contact me (Patti) to book your free 30-minute Business Strategy call to see if we are a fit to work together.