Business Booster Shot Program

Business Booster Shot (BBS) Program

You’ve started your business, have had some success but need to ‘pick the brains’ of someone more experienced and get that crucial second opinion. Whether it’s to brainstorm your intentions for an important meeting, edit your marketing copy or direct email…..that’s what this Business Booster Shot program is designed for. 

It gives you unlimited 24/7 access to me and my decades of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial knowledge and experience that comes with an MBA in marketing and being a serial entrepreneur of 11 businesses over the past 26  years. I have spoken to thousands of entrepreneurs and coached, consulted and trained them. Value: PRICELESS!

What makes me unique in the world of business coaches:

  1. Until I became a serial entrepreneur of 11 businesses in the past 25 years, I was an international full time sales and marketing professional, managing sales territories and sales people around the world. That means I know what it’s like to meet and beat quotas and targets and manage business territories. 
  2. I am a born entrepreneur – it’s in my family’s DNA. I was brought up answering our home phone as “Ajax Plastering” my dad’s company as soon as I could write and take messages as we could only afford one phone line back then.
  3. I was the shyest of geeky introverts starting out in my teens as one of the first female tech professionals at IBM, so I know what it’s like to be totally terrified of a sales conversation.
  4. I helped found and grow a software company from zero to over a million dollars of revenue and 20 employees, so I know how to scale and grow.
  5. I started a retail garden centre and hobby farm knowing NOTHING about either, on a dirt road, in the middle of nowhere, 45 minutes from the nearest city, and made it into a thriving destination with over 500 people at my last big Garden Party.
  6. I’ve sold to 25+ countries and lived in three: Canada, England and Germany.
  7. I quadrupled my starting salary to six figures as a foreign female in 3 years despite gender discrimination.
  8. I am the only Patti Pokorchak in the world, a unique Ukrainian name.
  9. I’m straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is coach/consultant and the only illegal things I do is speeding and I was once an illegal immigrant (long story).
  10. I am fun and funny. Attendees to my talk on my love life thought of it as a stand up comic act and I didn’t even play it for laughs.
  11. My life’s motto – Live a Life Without Regrets and I have as much as possible.
  12. At the age of 25, I left everything I knew behind including a promising career at IBM and flew off on a one-way ticket to Europe for a year of solo travel. I returned to Toronto after 30 years.
  13. I went to 3 Communist countries, where I learned to treasure my Canadian citizenship as I met those with far less freedom than I had.
  14. I’ve been Haiti, where I literally had Johnny with a shotgun, riding shotgun as we did an inventory of cell phone towers. 
  15. I’ve been to deep dark Africa where I got my finger ‘caught’ in my sister’s dog’s grinding molars and experienced an African hospital overrun with black and red beetles, even in the supposedly sterile operating room.
  16. I pissed off Bill Gates when he was still a skinny geek with a limp handshake.
  17. When I was unemployed and single, meeting Bill Gates after he had beefed up and gone corporate in a suit, I decided I’d never settle for just money.
  18. I am the author/co-author of four books includingThe Accidental Farmer: Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur (and is not about farming), Bar Codes for the Technically Challenged, Easy Container Gardening, and Gardeners Tour Guide. 
  19. My business motto: Have fun and make money, if you’re not having fun who cares about the money, the more fun you have, the more money you will make. Dave Chilton, The Wealthy Barber told me I had that motto in the right order. 

And after all that, I’m considered “the nicest person’ by many, born sunny-side up with contagious enthusiasm for learning and life.

Professional Speaking, Patti Pokorchak

Some rave reviews and results from clients:

“I made $20,000 MORE in just one contract with Patti’s help!”

“After attending one of her presentations I closed $3,300 in business the next day. Life Coach”

“I’m as busy as I want to be.”

“Without Patti’s help, my multiple six-figure business would not have survived!”

“She helped me quadruple my revenues!”

So what do you get in this Business Booster Shot (BBS) Program?

  • Marketing Advice
  • Identifying your ideal client
  • Your marketing message that will attract your perfect clients
  • Understanding the value you bring to those potential clients
  • Role plays on how to state your value which is what people ultimately buy
  • Practicing your opening lines so that you attract those perfect clients and so that it comes out naturally from your heart
  • Understanding the sales process 
  • Getting over any lingering fear of sales
  • Learning how to have more fun in your business
  • Access to my connections for outsourcing so you have more time to do what you’re really good and LOVE to do!

What do you really get out of this program?






To find out more about this amazing program and see if it’s a fit for you an your business:

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Or you can call me at 416-951-3842 – I actually do answer personally unless I’m already on a call. 

I look forward to making your business GROW and to you having more fun too!Rave Reviews