ID-10032790You want to close more business — I can help you do that. FAST & Profitably.

Without making you more uncomfortable than needed.

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In sales, practice does make you come close to perfection. It gets easier the more of these conversations that you have, that’s why sales is partially a numbers game. Then one day – it’s so easy, you wonder where your fear went and you find that you’re looking forward to that previously dreaded sales call.

It can happen to you too (with my expert coaching to help you along this journey).

First thing for many entrepreneurs is to get over their negative mindset. There is NOTHING sleazy, manipulative or dishonest in selling. It’s a noble profession. You’re helping change people’s lives for the better – in varying degrees of course. Some sales people have given selling a really bad reputation as the barrier to entry can be low. Haven’t we all experienced the telemarketing calls at dinner time from someone reading from a script. That is not who you want to emulate.

Talking glibly and a lot is NOT a sign of a great salesperson. It’s actually the opposite to be the best sales professionals. Asking better questions, you will close more business! 

Being open and curious, and asking relevant questions to establish a need for what you provide, is the sign of a true sales professional.

Being clear and confident in the value that you provide is KEY to closing more business.

I help you identify your ideal market and to state how your past client successes will lead your prospects to expect similar results

You want to be a professional at what you do, don’t you? To get clients, you have to know how to sell and close the deal. That’s what my highly personalized business growth coaching will give you. You be begin to be more at ease when speaking with prospects and closing more deals quickly and profitably.

Intensive Kickstart Program for FAST Results!

When you can’t wait for results and want them NOW, this is the program for you!

We start off with a day (4-6 hours) of really getting into the vision you have for yourself and your business and figure out what’s stopping you from achieving that vision.

You might be unfocused, working on too many targets and achieving much less than you should. We map out a plan of what needs to happen, clarify your unique message and work on your ideal target market – who needs you the most.

The outcomes of that day include:

  • Clear statement of your unique value that people will be attracted to (it’s why people buy!
  • Your captivating elevator pitch that entices people to ask ‘tell me more!’
  • Clear understanding of which market benefits the most from what you have to offer them. The best sales people are the laziest – we go after the low-hanging fruit, the easiest sale to start with to get some quick wins.
  • Determine what you need to know about the selling process
  • A more confident and focussed YOU!

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Intensive Quick Start – for those who want to quickly ramp up their business!

Weekly coaching calls 45-60 minutes one on one with Patti Pokorchak.

You really want to increase your sales FAST! You’ve got a stack of leads but are not making as many sales as you know you should. Maybe you’ve never had a lot of formal sales training but have just been a natural at it. That will only get you so far, then it really helps to have a sales process and system.

As Woody Allen famously said “Eighty percent of success is just showing up!”

Success at sales could just be about following up. But to do so effectively and efficiently, you need to have a system and process. I help you with that, putting in some needed metrics – The Sales Game and the Sales Ladder will be used to get you motivated and clear on what the real goals are.

Selling is not just about closing the sale – it’s getting to the stage in the sales process where it’s just a simple statement or question like ‘Let’s do it!” or ‘Let’s do it?” – it all depends on your tone of voice whether it’s a statement or question.

I prefer statements at this point in the sales process as it exhibits enthusiasm for the project. Let’s GO!  Get some sales coaching that is … me at 416-951-3842 now to get ready to sell more, have more fun and make more money!

Optional: Strategy or planning sessions – to make sure you’re on the right path for success. Before we start selling, we ensure that you’re aiming the right product or service at your most profitable target market.

Starter Coaching Package

Bi-weekly coaching calls 45-60 minutes

You’ve had some business success but know you can do better. We start out where you’ve been successful, figure out where you can use some help and focus on that. We set daily/weekly/monthly goals as applicable and plod our way towards them. Each session we review what’s been going well and what needs refreshing and extra focus or practice. We’ll rehearse and come up with compelling messages whether they’re voice, email or in person messages.

To have more fun and make more money, contact Patti at 416-951-3842 or

Sales coaching is the fastest ROI you can have! It is THE best investment you can make in yourself and your business. 

If you do the work, you’ll see the results before our coaching sessions have finished! I guarantee it.

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