Many people think that they have a problem with closing but that may be the least of their problems in their sales process.

They think that they’re missing the magic phrase needed to seal the deal, when they should really be focusing on what’s going on much earlier in the sales process.

It’s all about the questions! You can’t close if you haven’t asked the right questions up front. In fact, the majority of your sales time should be spent on uncovering the needs, wants, pain and challenges of your prospective client. That means you shut up and listen, except to probe deeper and deeper finding out what their priorities are and what they want to work on.

There’s no use for you to propose a solution that is #10 at the bottom of their to-do list. Everyone has an endless to-do list that will never be finished off. You have to find one of their top 3 priorities, ideally the top 1 or 2, and see how your product/service solves that particular headache for them. 3d6a9b92-fc6b-11e3-a0ca-12313d1c3a13-large

Once you’ve identified their top wants or needs, then you have to prove to them in as few words as possible how your solution will fit them perfectly! You do not have to bore them with all the other great things you can do for them (boring is not selling and you can lose the sale quite easily if you keep on selling and selling and selling when you’ve already shown them that you can do the job for them).

Once you’ve got their agreement that you can solve their challenge, you then ask them a simple question like:

  • When do we start?
  • Do you want to work with us?
  • Let’s do it!

OK, that last one wasn’t a question but it shows your enthusiasm for getting it done! Once you ask the question remember to zip it and wait for their answer. It’s only polite.

If they don’t say yes or no but ask another question instead, then you know that they still have doubts with whether you can do the job. In this case you should ask another question to clarify their objections before asking again for the go-ahead.

Do NOT speak after you've asked a closing question!

Do NOT speak after you’ve asked a closing question!