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Business Development (BizDev)* taught by proven business expert Patti Pokorchakbulb-216975_640

Are you:

  • Impatient to get started?
  • Struggling to get ahead?
  • Frustrated with lots of contacts but no sales?
  • Don’t understand this Sales Game?
  • Prospecting and cold calling leave you confused and frightened?

Then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been helping hundreds of entrepreneurs have more fun and make more money for over 20 years.

During that time, I’ve also started numerous successful businesses including:

  • A software company, which I took to 7-figures and 20 employees and is approaching it’s 25th year in business
  • A garden centre and hobby farm that I made into a thriving destination, despite having no background in horticulture

When I went “from laptop to llama”, as the headline went on the Ottawa Business Journal front page, that experience convinced me if you knew how to sell and market,  you could be successful in any business that you are passionate about. If you define success as having fun and making money, which I do!

OBJ Rosie, llama and Patti

Courtesy of The Ottawa Business Journal

To me, sales is a noble profession, it’s about being of service to others. When you help others achieve their goals, you will achieve your goals as well. It is NOT sleazy, nor hard sell pushy IF done right. There are some horrible horrible business people, masquerading as business coaches out there who give selling a really bad reputation.

I’ve written about some of them here and how offensive I find those kind of sales tactics which I have NEVER had to resort to in over 30 years of selling millions and millions of dollars, pds. sterling and Euros worth of ‘stuff’ in over 25 countries. Here is who I have sold to and worked with. 

In this teleclass I will take you

from Sales FEAR to Sales FUN! GUARANTEED!**

Mastering the Sales Game

  • Part 1: The Elephant in the Room (mindset)
    • Ridding yourself of your false fears about selling
    • How to get into the right frame of mind to grow your business
    • What is this Sales Game anyways?
    • How DO you grow a business?
    • WHAT? There is NO Magic Formula or Secret Sauce!?!
    • But there is an easy process to follow that will guarantee your success!
  • Part 2: Prospecting & Networking
    • Where do you start?
    • Getting over the first hurdle
    • How do you define your ideal client?
    • What do you say?
    • What’s your spiel and how to make it sound authentic and so YOU!
  • Part 3: Meetings, Meetings, Meetings
    • The many flavours of meetings
    • Your #1 Priority when meeting someone and it’s not what you think!
    • Why Questions and NOT TALKING are your secret weapons!
  • Part 4: Presenting
    • Do not Show UP and Throw UP!
    • Key parts to an effective presentation
  • Part 5: Negotiating & Closing
    • Start high with your 3rd best offer
    • Do not discount without getting something in return
    • Do not forget to ask for the order
    • Why silence truly is golden!

Each week we will cover an important part of the sales process, allowing time for questions and coaching.

*BizDev = Business Development which includes sales, marketing, strategies, plans and actions!

**100% Money Back Guarantee: If you actively participated in the entire five-week course and by the end you don’t feel like you can close more business, I’ll happily refund your money–no questions asked.

This online teleclass (you only need access to a computer or phone) starts on:

Wed., Sept. 23, at 12 NOON EDT and runs for 5 weeks. 

This is your opportunity to learn how to grow your business FAST & PROFITABLY!

There will be ample time to ask questions and receive coaching as time permits. Emailing me questions in advance will greatly customize your experience and help me to tailor this course to meet your needs.


Cost for this five-week class is regularly $247* but save big by registering TODAY!

Early Bird Special ONLY $147*  – SAVE $100 until Sept. 20, 2015


After Sept. 20, 2015 – $247*

*plus 13% HST

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