HJ Holden Sandman Panel Van 1974 - 1976


Seeing a car with its hood up is a universal sign that help is needed. When I was 26 and traveling in Communist Hungary and my $1,000 car was acting up, I managed to get it fixed just by opening the hood and looking at it with a perplexed face.

When I saw a truck coming my way, I waved it down. Using my universal hand signals and grunting noise language (as I spoke no Hungarian), I managed to get the driver to understand that my car wasn’t working. He took something apart, cleaned it, put it back and it worked. I gave him a bottle of beer and everyone was happy.

Over the years, I realized that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it truly is a sign of strength. Weak people tend to put their heads down and hope not to be noticed. Their self-esteem is in the negative numbers. They feel so weak that they cannot ask for help, even when they need it more than ever before.

What they need to know is that people love to help others. Most do not like to offer their help when it is not asked for, but are more than willing to help out when asked. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. It shows that you’re just as imperfect as the rest of us. We all need help because no one has all the answers (except for that know-it-all that we all have in our lives).

Often times as a coach, I find that I am only confirming that my clients are doing the right thing. When you haven’t had much business experience, or studied business like I have (MBA in marketing and 30+ years of work experience), then it’s natural to feel that you’re not doing it right. Your instincts can either be quite good OR totally off track. But I’d say there’s a good chance that you’re instinctively doing the right thing.

Not to say that with help, things wouldn’t be better, easier, faster and more effective. There is a reason people go to school to learn things. Having been on thousands of sales calls; selling everything from software, PCs, plants, training, advertising, books and lambs; there’s probably not many experiences that I have not dealt in and won. Even being 10x more expensive or being told that my services were not needed, I’ve still come out with the purchase order!