I saw a post that stated that it takes on average 5 attempts to close a sale. That is SO BAD! It shows me that that person has not learned how to ask the right questions, show their value and then ask for the order. It should never take more than 2-3 asks if you’ve done your job properly. 

With my decades of sales experience,  if I have to ask twice or even once, then I haven’t done a very good job of showing value and how my solution solves their problem. The best close is when the potential client says “So how do we get started?” and that happens to me very often. 

So sometimes you don’t even have to ask once. To me, that’s a sign that you’ve got a great product in front of your ideal client, you’ve established the need, the urgency and the ROI that they’ll get from using you. 

Even being 10x more expensive –$10,000 a day for training vs. $1,000, (not that was a tough negotiation) but once I showed the value of WHY I was that much more expensive, they found the money.

Thoughts? How many asks does it take you to close usually?

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