Like in Texas Hold’em, the term ‘all-in’ for a small biz owner means that you are you totally and intensively focused on making your one business successful and profitable. The opposite being that you still have one foot in the ‘grass is greener’ pasture.

That “green” grass can be a corporate job or another idea or another company. Unless you’re ALL-IN for this one company and product/service, then you’re diluting your attention and your resPlaying The Hand You're Dealt!ults. And it’s a lose-lose situation. You won’t be helping as many people achieve their goals as you could be because you’re not quite sure who you want to help and how.

You can see it in people’s titles with the Coach/Consultant/Author/Speaker/Go-fer/Do it all for you…what can I do for you for money? Maybe at one time it was good to be so multi-functional, but like the Swiss Army knife (who carries one now?), it’s past it’s best before date and no longer serves the same purpose.

You have to publicly state what you’re best at, or else it’s just too confusing. You’re making people guess what you’re really good at. Decide what you want to be known for and put it in your LinkedIn headline–see mine for inspiration 

With the number of e-books and self-publishing going on (remember when it was called vanity press?), everyone is a best selling author. That is no longer a big differentiation. Personally my goal is to get Dave Chilton, the Wealthy Barber to NOT endorse my book, since I advocate spending your life savings at a young age and not saving just for retirement. I figure that could be my differentiatio–to have non-endorsements.

So, are you all in? If not, why not?

Do you really have enough cycles to be doing two things really well at once?

Don’t scrimp and try to save–invest in yourself and you’ll win in the long term. It takes money to make money, some things just don’t change.

PS. In case you were wondering why I use poker metaphors when talking about small biz, my last name is pronounced Poker-Chuck and that was the first card game our babysitter taught me and my brother at a young age (and which we still play today, just not for slugs anymore).