6 Techniques for Improving Your Sales Productivity

Sales is necessary for all businesses. My mantra has always been “without sales, there is no business”.

One of the challenges in getting more business is finding the time to do the things required to convert leads into customers so you can grow your business. That’s where sales productivity comes into play. Sales productivity is the #1 challenge for nearly 65% of B2B organizations according to research from The Bridge Group.

Making the most of your time selling is important to growing your business. The folks over at Marketcircle (developers of the Mac CRM – Customer Relationship Management program, Daylite) put together this helpful infographic outlining 6 ways small businesses can get more out of their time selling. And using a CRM system to remind you who to call, when and why, will greatly improve your sales productivity. 

Remember my other mantra – “always be prospecting and following up daily!” Even when you’re crazy busy, make the time or else you’ll be on the roller coaster ride of lots of money and no money. Even out the crazy entrepreneurship ride by taking your time to call 2-3 new people daily. 

Earlier this year, Marketcircle interviewed me about  How To Convert More Leads without Being “Salesy”

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