4 Common Sales Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs!

4 Common Sales Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs!

#1 – Not having adequate sales training & coaching

Would you go to a doctor without training? Would you want a bridge built by an engineer without training? Why do you think you can sell and market without any training? It’s the barrier to entry that makes the difference. A doctor must be licensed in order to practice, ditto for an engineer. It’s not safe otherwise. The only damage to you not knowing how to sell or market is the lifespan of your business.

#2. Talking too muchElephant big ears

Doing your pitch before you’ve qualified the prospect is a big NO-NO-NO! It’s the shot gun approach vs. laser target and in this busy world, the shot gun does not hit it’s target as they’re tuning you out.

Be curious and caring first about them, then you can talk and present strategically only that which is of interest to them. It’s a huge sign of insecurity to  dump everything you know onto a poor prospect – so don’t do this!

I love the image of the elephant – BIG ears for extra careful listening and SMALL mouth for talking less. Two ears, one mouth – use them in that proportion.

#3. Not asking enough Questions

This mistake compounds mistake #2. Ask first BEFORE you even think about pitching your product to them.

Even if they ask you a question, be prepped with something  ‘can’t tell you what I charge/what I do, as I don’t know what you need, can we talk first?” and get them talking about themselves. More about questions in this blog post


#4. Not Asking for the Order

As for what you want! Great advice in life as well as business. And you’ll never succeed in your own business unless you ask for their business. It doesn’t have to be awkward and stilted – it’s as simple as “do you want to work with me?” or “should we do this?”.

Don't speak after you've asked a question

Don’t speak after you’ve asked a question

Then zip it. Do not speak. You’ve asked them a question, be patient and wait for their answer. If they ask a question, then you know they’re seriously thinking about it and have some more concerns you need to address but you’re on your way to a sale. Congrats!




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