One of the biggest problems with small businesses and entrepreneurs selling more lies in their attitude and beliefs.

Which of these notions can you relate to?

  • Sales is dirty
  • It’s manipulative
  • Sales has a bad reputation
  • It’s like a used car sales person
  • It’s dishonest
  • Sales people are pushy
  • I’m not outgoing enough to sell
  • Sales people are annoying
  • They won’t stop talking!

If you can relate to ANY of these, then you have a block that you need to get over. Unless you can see yourself involved in an honourable profession, then you’re in danger of putting yourself out of business. We will deal with each of these issues in future blogs posts.

If you’re not selling and promoting yourself – who is? Get over your beliefs and watch your sales GROW!

Want help in seeing sales as a good thing to do? Want to make selling fun and successful as you help people?

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