#1 Priority in a Sales Call

#1 Priority in a Sales Call

Your #1 priority in the first few minutes of a sales call is to make your prospect RELAX!

Many professionals who have to sell in order to do what they love are nervous about sales calls, but put yourself into the mind of the person on the other side of the desk.

They’re even MORE terrified of YOU!

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Why? Because they’re afraid of being sold to; of buying something that they don’t need or want or can afford. So their defences are high. Also your nervousness gets transferred over to them, so you create a tense environment which is not good for sales.

That’s why your first job is to make them relax. In order for that to happen, you have to be in the mindset that you’re just out having a simple chat with your newest best friend.

If you frame a dreaded sales call in those terms, doesn’t it make you relax? After all, you’re never nervous talking with your BFF are you?

That’s why your first few minutes should be about getting them to talk about something that is really comfortable for them – themselves! Most people like to talk about how they started their business, their background, their hobbies or kids.

BUT not everyone – some just want to get down to business so you have to notice their body language and if they’re direct, then you adapt accordingly. Some people are naturally more chatty than others, so notice what’s on their desk or walls and ask about that.

This doesn’t mean that your sales conversation is only a wandering loose chat. I call it a guided conversation that leads you to where you want to go which is to see if there’s a need or want to work with you.

I liken sales to match making. First your job is to act like a detective, ask questions to see if there’s pain where you’re the solution. Then you match their pain with your solution – that’s the matchmaking!

Simple eh? So what were you afraid again?

Go out and talk to someone now! It’s easier than you think once you see them as a friend and not as someone you need to sell to.


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