Do you need to:

* Clarify your target market?
* Better understand your ideal customers?
* Improve your marketing offers?
* Be more confident in approaching and winning new clients?
* Do more effective and proactive marketing?
* Improve your website and messaging to attract more clients?
* Get your pricing right?

Then you’ve found your ideal sales and marketing partner.

I’m a RARE marketing AND sales expert, having been a multi-million dollar per year B2B corporate sales professional, a serial entrepreneur of 11 businesses and I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs since 1992.

I know what you as an entrepreneur need to know how to MARKET and then SELL your services in order to build a sustainable, profitable + FUN business – the only kind to strive for, isn’t it?

Do you want results like Sharon’s?

“In one short week, Patti helped me be clear on how we benefit clients and we closed 3 new sales! My sales funnel is filling and I no longer feel overwhelmed.”  

Sharon Gilmour-Glover, Chief Implementation Officer, Light-Core Inc

With 35+ years of business experience–from small startups to billion-dollar multinationals, I am a proven business professional and 11x serial entrepreneur. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have been helped by me to develop and grow their businesses by giving them the tools and guidance they needed to sell confidently and more effectively. 

If you’re a small business owner struggling to develop your profitable business, I can help you attain your goals through my unique and intensive coaching programs tailored to your specific business needs!

No magic formula, no secret sauce, just pure solid proven business advice to increase your sales, make you money and let you enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always wanted!

I help you become THE best version of yourself that you can be and that will be reflected in your amazing and fast results.

If you want to build a sustainable, thriving and FUN business,

contact me at 416-951-3842

Accidental Farmer: Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur

My book The Accidental Farmer: Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur is available on Amazon.

It’s NOT about farming but about living a life without regrets and how to have more fun and make more money!

Patti is a proud member and fourth time Board Director of CAPS – Canadian Association of Professional Speakers as well as a member of FemCity and Company of Women.

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