Ethics and Integrity in Sales

Con artists come in all shapes and sizes and they can come in a business suit with the title of ‘Coach’ too. As a coach, you should model the behaviour you want your clients to emulate. That means I need to be on my top sales game when talking to prospective clients.

I have a new client who is currently locked into paying for 4 months of coaching with another coach that she doesn’t want to work with. Helping her to get out of that contract was a nightmare.

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There is NO Secret Sauce!

There are three kinds of coaches: Certified Coaches Mini-Me Coaches Maxi-You Coaches 1.  Certified Coaches  I am not a certified coach, nor will I ever be. I had three coaches in my first year of branding myself a coach, with varying degrees of success. What I do have...

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You CANNOT hire your way out of a sales crisis!

  I've had a few conversations lately with business owners who think that they can solve their sales problems by simply hiring a great sales person. They cannot be more wrong! If YOU cannot sell your "stuff", how do you expect to train someone else to? If you...

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The Next Zappos?

I don't know about you, but I get tired of hearing so many leadership, marketing and customer service speakers and authors always cite Zappos and Apple as being the ultimate companies to emulate for service and corporate culture. There are many other companies out...

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