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Entrepreneurs – want to grow your business FAST & profitably?

You’ve found the right coach if you want results like this:

“In one short week, Patti helped me be clear on how we benefit clients  and we closed 3 new sales. My sales funnel is filling and I no longer feel overwhelmed.”  Sharon Gilmour-Glover, Chief Implementation Officer, Light-Core


With over 30 years of business experience–from small start-ups to billion dollar multinationals, Patti Pokorchak is a proven business pro. Through the years, she has s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to develop their businesses by giving them the tools and guidance they needed to sell confidently and productively.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner struggling to develop your passion into profit, see how she can help you attain your goals through her unique and immersive coaching programs tailored to your specific business needs. Patti ensures that you become THE best version of yourself that you can be and that will be reflected in your amazing & fast results!

Contact Patti to book your free, 30-minute Business Challenge call to see if you’re a match to work together.   416-951-3842




Latest from Patti’s Blog

How is Professional Speaking and Selling Similar Yet Different?

Share thisKnowing how to sell and market are essential skills for every entrepreneur – NO exceptions! I consider myself lucky in that I studied the ‘job almost guaranteed’ business degree with an MBA in Marketing and fell into Sales at my first professional position. Now I belong to CAPS – the Canadian Professional Speakers Association – the association of choice for experts who speak. What is surprising is how many speakers are extroverted on stage but introverted off stage. Most of them also hate having to sell themselves in order to get speaking gigs. They think they need to be more extroverted in order to sell more and that is so far from the truth. Being introverted and extroverted are the extremes. The majority of us 60-70% are ambiverts. We can be more introverted and extroverted, depending on the situation but generally we’re not extreme in our personalities or need to shun or shine in the spotlight. AND contrary to what most people think, us #Ambiverts make the best #sales people NOT the stereotypical #extroverts who talk too much!… Click To Tweetand make it all about themselves. So being shy is not a barrier to selling millions of dollars worth of ‘stuff’ and I’m proof of that. I was a trained shy geek (programmer in the 70s), a female tech pioneer until I found sales and marketing and the fact that I blossomed when talking to people. And when I look at how many of my professional speaking colleagues who self-identify as introverts but are highly engaging on the platform and very successful speakers – that’s where the similarity of speaking and sales... read more

What Do You Need To Know In Order To Have A Happy Sustainable Profitable Business?

Share thisAfter consulting and coaching small businesses for over 20 years, I’ve determined that these are the 4 essential questions to be answered in order to have a sustainable business that fuels your heart, soul AND bank account! What do you LOVE to do? WHO do you love to do it with? What do you want to CHARGE them? What is their ROI? 1. What do you love to do? What would you do even if you did not get paid? What are your passions or your hobbies? What gets you glowing and excited to do? For me, it’s any sales and marketing challenge. I’m full of “wacky ideas that work!” For example, I once opened up my garden centre on a Friday at 5pm for the season. It was my 5th anniversary and I thought 5 x 5 would be lucky for me. So it was the 5th day of the 5th month at 5pm for my 5th Anniversary and I’d have $5 specials. Normally I’d open up on a Saturday but thought, what the heck ,this makes it easy to remember and a bit special. I emailed my email list of customers and did not expect more than a few friends to show up. The 50 people added another ‘5’ to the mix! And the almost $5,000 in sales – bonus! Who knew that in two hours there would be such a sales boom on a Friday night!? 2. WHO do you love to do it with? I call it the marketing “F” word FOCUS. You must choose a target audience to focus on as you are unable to... read more

Do You Want a Bully as a Coach?

Some business coaches love to kick butt and be hard-nosed bullies. They feel that people need to be pressured and bullied into performing; that aspiring entrepreneurs need to be prodded out of their limiting ‘money mindsets’ that is apparently deterring them from achieving their financial goals.

read more

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